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Servfaces Glass Cleaner (RTU) - 500ml

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servFaces Glass Cleaner (Ready-to-Use)

servFaces Glass Cleaner is a modern and read-to-use cleaning product, which is gentle on glass material and provides a streak-free result. The product is also suitable for use on plastic surfaces. The product can be used universally and effortlessly to remove nicotine, grease and oil.

Application Areas:
– Glass facades and windows
– Windscreens
– Plastic windows
– Window frames
– Glass tables and Mirrors

– Free from Silicone
– Environmentally friendly
– Streak-free cleaning
– Highly concentrated
– Strong cleaning performance
– Economic cleaning, less resources

Spray the surface with Glass Cleaner and using a microfiber cloth remove the dirt. Stubborn dirt can be removed by allowing the Glass Cleaner to soak for a while; this will make the cleaning easier.
Recommendation: for an optimal result use servFaces Glass Cleaning Towels.

Do not apply the product or leave to dry in direct sunlight.

Usage: 5 – 10 ml / m²
Application Temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Storage and Shelf Life: at least 12 months at room temperature sealed in its original container.
Storage Temperature: +10°C to +25°C

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