Tyre Dressing


TRIM AND TYRE DRESSING REVIVES FADED PLASTICS LEAVES A HYPER BEADING FINISH HIGH QUALITY FINISH Black To The Future is a trim and tyre dressing in the form of a thick gel. It uses fortified polymers to restore and protect tyres and plastic trim for...

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WEATHER RESISTANT MULTI-PURPOSE; CAN BE USED ON THE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR OF YOUR VEHICLE WATER BASED LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT NON-GREASY FINISH PROTECTS AND SHINES REPELS WATER Classic Protectant is our emulsified blend of silicones that adds gloss and not only protects, but revives faded plastics. Once...

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  GEL BASED FORMULA FOR EXTREME DURABILITY PRODUCES A HIGH GLOSS FINISH EASY TO APPLY AND BUFF SILICONE BASED FORMULA WITH CITRUS FRAGRANCE Maximum Shine Tyre Gel is an easy to use gel-based formula that provides tyres with a high gloss finish. The product has...

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EASY APPLICATION PRODUCES A SUBTLE, GLOSS FINISH WHEN APPLIED TO TYRES LONG LASTING AND DURABLE MANUFACTURED USING ORGANIC SOLVENTS SILICONE BASED FORMULA Classic Tyre Dressing is a highly durable silicone based tyre dressing, with a solvent blend designed to leave a perfect  film of dressing...

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