Wheel Brushes

HIGHLY DURABLE BRISTLES GREAT FOR AGITATING WHEEL CLEANERS HELPS SHIFT BRAKE DUST AND GRIME Just like our wooden handle version this has highly durable bristles. These are great for gently agitating wheels with strong chemicals.

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CHEMICAL RESISTANT BRISTLES GREAT FOR CLEANING SPOKES LONG LASTING Using our chemical resistant blue bristles we have created a soft and effective spoke wheel brush perfect for cleaning between spokes and the backs of the wheel area.

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DESIGNED TO CLEAN INNER RIMS AGITATE WHEEL CLEANERS AND SHIFT BRAKE DUST CHEMICAL RESISTANT AND LONG LASTING This brush was designed purely to get to the inside rims of wheels to agitate and help wheel cleaners clean this difficult to reach area. Our soft chemical...

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CHEMICAL RESISTANT = LONG LASTING BRISTLES HOLD THEIR SHAPE EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO USE This was our first chemical resistant brush which has been made to a great quality. A smooth finished wooden handle of a good size that feels comfortable in your hand. The...

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Description UPGRADE FROM OUR ORIGINAL DASH BRUSH MAN-MADE, CHEMICAL RESISTANT BRISTLES GREAT FOR REACHING VENTS AND CREVICES THAT CLOTHS CAN'T. This brush hosts man-made, chemical resistant bristles and it a upgrade from our original Dash Brush.  Ultra fine bristles and improved length makes this brush a great product...

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Description This is a soft boars-hair bristle brush that is commonly used to agitate wheels and around decals and badges. It also gets used around engine bays, too. The soft bristles ensure gentle agitation on delicate surfaces. BOARS HAIR BRISTLES GENTLE AGITATION FOR DELICATE SURFACES...

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UPGRADE FROM OUR LARGE SASH BRUSH MAN MADE, CHEMICAL RESISTANT BRISTLES LONG LASTING BRUSH These are man-made bristles, chemically resistant and ultra fine and soft. These make a good upgrade from our original Large Sash Brush .

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We have hand picked each item in the Wheel Woolies Brush 3 Piece Kit because they are highly effective when paired together. To create the best kit possible we utilize our years of detailing experience, combined with input from some of the best detailers around...

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