Wash Mitt

COMFORTABLE, MANOEUVRABLE AND EASY TO USE 30CM X 18CM X 3CM PROFESSIONAL CHENILLE WASH MITT HARDWEARING, LONG LASTING AND SUPER ABSORBENT Our high quality Microfibre Wash Mitt is extremely durable and is an asset to have in order to safely wash your vehicle. It has...

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Size:- 8 x 10 Inches (21 cm x 26 cm) Colors:- Blue/White or with Black Cuff Blend:- 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide Material Material:-100% Korean Split Microfibre Country of Origin:- South Korea TRC’s new CYCLONE Wash Mitt is absolutely the FINEST professional quality plush microfibre detailing wash mitt value you will find...

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It is a fabric with a twist-shaped fabric cutting, which does not clog and does not loosen when cleaning the vehicle. The ability to capture contaminants is excellent, and the sponge inside holds a large amount of foam for faster and more efficient washing. The...

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Product Details Product No. PS-035 Purpose: Bubble Wash Features: Double fibers gently removes dust. Materials: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide Size: 20x25 cm Weight: 1100 GSM Made in Korea

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