Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish

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SONAX Perfect Finish (One Step Polish)

Silicone free finishing polish for professionally polishing of sanded down paintwork, or paintwork pre-polished with polishing machine and abrasive polish. Specially developed for paintshops and detailers for One-Step polishing of sanded down paint due to paintwork damage such as dust occlusion or paint runs. The special nano-abrasives enable effective scratch removal with optimum shine and without inducing holograms or buff marks on the paintwork.

Cut: 4 out of 6
Gloss: 6 out of 6

  • REMOVES PAINT DEFECTS - Sonax Perfect Finish polishes and removes scratches, sanded paint defects such as dust inclusions, paint runs, and water spots in a single step - No wet sanding or compounding is necessary before use
  • HIGH GLOSS FINISH - Silicone free polishing formula leaves a OEM high gloss paint finish with hologram-free paint surface
  • FLEXIBLE - One of the most flexible compound / polishes available in the market that works beautifully on all clear coats and paint finishes
  • SAVE TIME - The single step process makes paint corrections far less labour intensive and time consuming. Our diminishing abrasive technology will provide up to P2000 sanding scratch removal and finish out to a OEM shine
  • Removes marks of P2000 grit or finer, recommend applying with a rotary polisher  or DA with Medium cut Polishing pad.

Directions for Use:

  • Shake bottle/tube before use.
  • Deep scratches or paintwork damage should first be wet sanded .with abrasive paper P2000, or finer.
  • Product to be worked in with a rotational speed regulated polishing machine.
  • Apply a little of the product directly to the sanded spot.
  • Polish the area at the lowest rotational speed (ca. 800 rpm) with the green Polishing pad (493 000) for 10 sec. Tilt the machine a little bit.
  • Afterwards, increase to medium rotational speed and allow the machine to run, now exerting only moderate pressure.
  • Guide it swiftly over the surface to avoid heat developing beneath the polishing pad.
  • Remove polish residue with a microfiber cloth.

    Please Note: To achieve a hologram-free finish on darker paintwork, finish polishing with a foam pad may be necessary. 


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    Car Care General Questions and Professional Advice

    Q1. When I notice a small or large amount of bird droppings on my paint work, which has pretty much dried up. Is it ok just to rub it off by hand or with a dry cloth?
    Ans: with relation to dry or wet bird droppings on paint work, regardless if the car has just been washed or not, we recommend that you do the following:
    1. Hose off the bird droppings without coming in contact with it by hand, and ensure all or most of the droppings have been watered off.
    2. Apply some ValetPRO wash to a clean wash mitt or sponge.
    3. Carefully dab the bird droppings area and NOT just rub it hard, until all of the droppings have gone.
    4. Dry the area with a chamois followed by drying it with a waffle towel.
    5. In most cases, depending on how hot or long the bird have been dried into the paint work, it could leave a stain into the paint, if this is the case then apply a pre-wax coat by SwissVax or RaceGlaze by doing the following:
    These next steps should be done in the shade and when the paint is cool.
    A. Take a cotton applicator and apply around a 50cent amount of the pre-wax liquid and rub in into the affected area using a little force (you should notice the staining slowly disappear.
    B. Without letting the pre-wax liquid dry and using a cotton towel, wipe the area.
    C. Buff the affected area with a Micro Fibre towel.
    If the affected area is still stained, then it may need careful machining (buffing) to be applied.
    Q2. Is it safe to wash my vehicle while the paint work is hot and also washed under direct sunlight?

    Ans:  The simple answer is NO, and the reason being is that you do not want to wash your vehicle whilst the paint work is warm/hot due to the water or the suds from the wash formula at any point drying into the paint work and hence staining the paint, which will then create more work for yourself.

    Q3. I have just purchased a vehicle (new or second hand), and I have been told the owner/dealership have detailed it prior to my purchase. Is it still necessary to give it a full detail and if so what are the best steps to ensure the maximum gains from the detail?

    Ans: This really is a trust factor and to be honest if you were not physically there whilst the experienced detailer was working on your vehicle, then our suggestion would be to give it the full 4 stage detail, which is as follows: (Ensure the car is in a cool shade place prior to proceeding)

    1. Wash and Drying process:
    Wash the car with either a ValetPRO wash product (using a ValetPRO wash sponge)  and then dry the car thoroughly (using a ValetPRO drying towel). Note: When washing a vehicle – only wash a small area at one time and then hosing it off, i.e. Apply the soap to 1-2 panels at any time before hosing it off as this will keep the risk of any suds drying) – We normally suggest beginning with the larger panels first, ie. Roof, bonnet, boot, and then door panels, and lastly front and rear bumpers. Also Always use the left to right motion NOT circular using the wash mitt/sponge. We suggest using a separate wash bucket and sponge for the side panels and lower areas of the vehicle as these are guaranteed to collect more dirt and you really don’t want to mix this into your cleaner panels or suds.
    1. Claying Process:

    Using a ValetPRO Clay kit (Clay bar and Cirtus Bling), go over the paint work thoroughly by lubricating a small area (1 panel at a time) and directly applying the clay bar over the Citrus Bling Note: Ensure you have shaken the bottle well and sprayed a generous proportion of the lubricant, so that you are not leaving any areas dry which could run the risk of slight clay markings on the paint work) (Always use the left to right motion NOT circular) Also – Ensure that every time you have completed claying 1 panel, take notice of the clay – you will notice it getting a brown/dark brown colour – this is the contaminants it is cleaning from your paint work. If the clay seems to get quite brown after every 2 panels, ensure you keep kneading the clay so that you are always using a cleaner side of the clay. 

    After you have completed each panel, ensure you have a cotton terry towel to wipe down any excess lubricant from the paintwork, so it is left in a dry state. Once all of the panels on the vehicle are completed, leave the vehicle to sit for about 30 to 60mins.

    1. Pre-wax/Paint Cleanse process:

    By using a cotton applicator and either a VaeltPRO Pre-wax/paint cleanser product (Purple Passion), shake the bottle well and then apply a generous portion onto the applicator (possibly around half a palm size amount), then begin with medium to hard pressure -Note – Always use the left to right motion NOT the circular motion when applying. Ensure that you do not let the cleanse product dry, by then using a terry cotton towel to rub it off, followed by buffing it to shine using a Micro Fibre towel. Let the car sit for 30mins

    1. Waxing process:

    By using a foam wax applicator (unless you are using a high performance wax, i.e. SwissVax Mystery or RaceGlaze Black Label Concourse where you are able to apply the wax directly into the palm of your hand and directly onto the paint work, once you have rubbed your palms together in order to warm the wax for best results) apply an amount where you can just see the wax covering approx ½ a circle of the foam applicator. With a nice soft to medium pressure apply the wax with the applicator onto the paintwork, once again we suggest that you only wax a small area at a time (a maximum of half a bonnet), Note – Always use the left to right motion NOT the circular motion when applying. Ensure that you do not let the cleanse product dry, by then using a terry cotton towel to rub it off, followed by buffing it to shine using a Micro Fibre towel.

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