Servfaces Special Industrial Cleaner - 1L

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servFaces Special Industrial Cleaner (High-Concentrate)

servFaces Special Industrial Cleaner (High Concentrate) is an efficient and very powerful heavy duty cleaner for various applications. Special Industrial Cleaner is a unique and highly concentrated product. It has a synergetic formula of active ingredients and additives that provide corrosion protection. The absence of solvents, allows this unique product to be used in many applications.
No harmful vapours or MAK values (maximum permissible concentration of a substance as a gas) ​​are produced; therefore the use of this product in interiors is possible.
Approved under food law. Special Industrial Cleaner is biodegradable in accordance with DIN EN 29888 and environmentally friendly.
The product is compatible with oil separators (ÖNORM B5105) and biodegradable according to EU regulations.

Application Areas:
– Cleans kitchen appliances, goods and beverage machines
– Removes heavy soiling on machinery
– Cleans ceramics, tiles and natural stonework
– Removes lubrication and oil contamination from workshop floors
– Can also be used on rubber, plastics and surface sensitive metals

– Extremely high cleaning performance
– Gentle cleaning action
– Biodegradable
– Corrosion protection
– Free from Solvents
– Easily rinsed from surface
– Aluminium compatible
– Replacement for all solvent based cleaning solutions

Spray the surface with servFaces Special Industrial Cleaner and leave it to soak into the dirt for 2 – 3 minutes. Then using a sponge or brush loosen the dirt, and afterwards thoroughly rinse with water to neutralise the product.

Do not apply the product or leave to dry in direct sunlight.

The product can be diluted in the ratio of 1:5 to 1:40 depending on the level of contamination.

Application Temperature: +10°C to +30°C
Storage and Shelf Life: at least 12 months at room temperature sealed in its original container.
Storage Temperature: +10°C to +25°C