servFaces Textil Cleaner - 500ml

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servFaces textile, leather, interior cleaner

servFaces – surface cleaning before sealing / coating

servFaces textile, leather and interior cleaners are specially developed organic cleaning agents that are 100% free of surfactants. This cleaning process is absolutely necessary in order to obtain a clean and neutral surface before you start with the sealing / coating. The cleaning process ensures optimal adhesion / cross-linking of the individual products. 

Areas of application:

  • Interior textiles
  • Convertible tops
  • natural plastics
  • smooth leather 
  •  Suede & Suede


  • free from silicone
  • skin-friendly
  • environmentally friendly
  • streak-free cleaning
  • highly concentrated
  • strong cleaning power
  • economical cleaning 
  • neutralizes the surface 


  1. Step: Spray the surface with a selected cleaner and let it work for a short time, then remove the dirt with the servFaces Allround Towel or rinse the surface with a spray extraction device and water. The residues of the cleaner must be completely removed / neutralized.
  2. Step: For smooth and unresponsive surfaces such as plastic, neutralize the surface with the Surface Cleaner Neutra (same application as Surface Cleaner Ultima)

After the surface is dry, you can start sealing / coating!

Application quantity : 10ml to 15ml per m²
Processing temperature : + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C
Storage and shelf life: at least 12 months at room temperature in tightly closed original containers.
Storage temperature: + 10 ° C to + 25 ° C
Protect from direct sunlight and frost.