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P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo

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  • High Foaming, High Lubricity Shampoo
  • Eco Friendly Shampoo
  • Foam Cannon compatible
  • Fresh lemon fragrance
  • Premium Quality
  • Apply by hand or by foaming equipment
  • Safe to use on all vehicles and your hands

Pearl Auto Shampoo Concentrate is a key component of the Double Black Renny Doyle signature range of P & S products. It is an environmentally friendly, pH balanced,100% biodegradable and safe to use premium car wash detergent for all washing applications. It is easy on the finish of vehicles and easy on your hands.

Pearl Wash Auto Shampoo Concentrate is formulated to the highest quality environmental standards and provides good foam stability and lubricity.

Pearl Wash Auto Shampoo Concentrate may be applied via a  traditional hand wash application or be foamed through an application device such as a foamer or pressure washer. It is highly economical and highly effective when used through a foam cannon which provides for unsurpassed foam coverage.

For best results, use a Rag Company Cyclone Bone Sponge or Cyclone Wash Mitt to wash down the vehicle surface after the application of Pearl. If application is manual, make sure that you use the Allcare Grit Guard bucket to ensure the integrity of your paintwork.