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Stay away from my car !

 by ultrafinecarcare on 19 Aug 2013 |
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I was driving along on the weekend approaching a set of red lights. Whilst coming to a stop, patiently waiting for them to turn green. I began to observe the happenings of a local car wash.

Lined up were stacks of nice looking, late model euro vehicles, waiting to be "washed" while their owners were sitting in the carwashes own cafe sipping on their lattes whilst flicking through the newspaper.

And then I saw it, a man dipping a rag in a bucket, furiously scrubbing the rims that were covered in black brake dust, and to my horror. Dipping back into the same bucket and proceeding to scrub the bonnet and quater panel furiously and vigorously.

I cringed, I nearly cried, and thinking of the owner paying $50 for the priviledge of having their paint damaged.

Is it really that difficult to set aside an hour a fortnight to give your car a basic clean using correct techniques. 

To some a car is just an object, to us; cars are a way of life. Using premium car care products with the correct technique can save thousands of dollars down the track when it comes time to trade-in the vehicle, and avoiding the need for extensive paint correction.

Don't be lazy people, get out there and wash your cars. Don't view it as a chore but rather as therapy.


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