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Brand Loyalty ?

 by ultrafinecarcare on 16 Aug 2013 |
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You reach for the shelf to grab a bottle of car shampoo. Do all your bottles look the same ?

Do you stock an entire range of a single brand that you live and swear by ? A brand you have been brought up with, that you are comfortable using without any consideration to what else is on the market ?

Perhaps you prefer to have a range of different items. Brand A might make a better car shampoo, however Brand B has a superior wheel wax.

Whilst brand loyalty can provide the comfort and assurance of knowing what product you are getting, how to use it, and what the likely result will be. You may indeed be missing out on superior products. The market is rapidly evolving. New cutting edge products are constantly emerging that raise the bar by producing superior results !

Next time you need to make your next purchase and reach out to grab that bottle you know and love, pause for a minute, ask yourself "what else is out there that can do the job ?".

The internet is a wonderful resource and you will be surprised with what is out there nowadays. 


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