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Glass or Wax Coat ?

 by ultrafinecarcare on 14 Aug 2013 |
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So you have just finished applying a coat of wax on your car and it's looking amazing !

Is this enough nowadays to protect the duco on your pride and joy ?

With advancements in technology and many new products hitting the market, namely over the last 4-5 years we now have glasscoat products such as-
  • 22PLE Pro Signature Glasscoat
  • CQuartz
  • Polish Angel Cosmic 9H
  • GTechniq C1 Lacquer
These products claim to provide a mirror image on properly corrected paint, in addition to adding a layer of hardness to guard against stonechips. These products also repel water to leave only fine beading, making drying a breeze whilst lasting 18-24 months before requiring re-application.

Interestingly, the latest products also have self-healing abilities. Similar to car manufacturers offering self healing paint as an option nowadays. The idea is that minor swirls and scratches, will "self heal" and level out over time when the car is left out in the sun.

Do you believe glasscoats are neccessary before appliying wax, or is wax alone good enough.

What do you think ?


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