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At GTECHNIQ we’re all about the surface.

Specifically, those beautifully glossy exteriors on cars, yachts, aircraft and buildings.

Why? Because our goal is simply to engineer the world’s best surface care products. Products based on real science, innovative materials and total ease of use.

Products that deliver maximum long term visual impact. Products that protect not only against the elements, but the ravages of time, the impact of the daily grind.

That’s why our products have what we call3S or Smart Surface Science built right in.

By harnessing the performance of nano scale composite materials and tested to extremes,3S is your guarantee that our polishes, cleaners and deep gloss coatings work harder,
smarter and more easily than anything else you’ve tried.

Perfect, then protect

G|techniq’s autoSystem with SST (Smart Surface Technology) perfects your car’s bodywork with nanoscopic particles that are tough on scratches but kind on paint.

Our range P1 and P2 Polishes will keep your car looking good without the harsh treatment dealt out by regular off the shelf polishes brands. Even using our revolutionary Tri Foam Pad and a bit of elbow grease will give you great results in between details.

Once perfected, hard wearing optically clear nanocomposites coat the surface adding gloss, long term protection and stain resistance.


Durable deep gloss mirror finish with EasyCare surfaces.

A car treated by G|techniq will:

- Look better than new with a deep gloss mirror finish
- Never need waxing again
- Repel dirt
- Avoid the build up of washing swirl marks by up to 40%

How it works

G|techniq autoSystem combines chemically with original paints to form a brand new, fully optimised Smart Surface that’s harder wearing and easier to clean. Conventional wax / PTFE / polymer products add a soft layer that’s vulnerable to stains and scratches and relies on weaker physical bonds for durability.


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